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We are more than just listening. We are about understanding, comforting and responding.

Beautiful mind medical center (BMMC) is specialized in providing mental health services in Abu Dhabi. It was founded to help in closing the gap between the burden of psychiatric disorders and the available treatment facilities. We at BMMC have the mission of making people happy, enhancing their well-being, helping them recognize their abilities, and be capable to cope with the stresses of life , by providing evidenced based, high quality medical and mental health care in a safe and friendly environment.

We will do our best to improve quality of life and assure complete mental and physical well-being of those in our care.
In BMMC we combine expert psychopharmacology and psychotherapy to create a tailored treatment plan specific to each individual’s needs. Our passionate experts represent our founding vision of providing the best possible psychiatric care for our patients.

Consultant Psychiatrist / Medical Director

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